NBC's O'Donnell: Palin 'Rips the Heart Out of Her Opponents' in New Book

NBC correspondent Norah O'Donnell hyped Sarah Palin's criticism of her liberal opponents on Tuesday's Today show, stating that the former governor "rips the heart out of some of her opponents" in ...

Surprise: A Long, Respectful Profile of Sarah Palin in the New York Times Magazine

Times Magazine writer Robert Draper provides some context to the media's anti-Palin caricature: "The caricature of Palin as a vapid, winking, press-averse clotheshorse proved irresistible to ...

The Times Celebrates Its Latest Conservative 'Maverick,' Sen. Lindsay Graham

Robert Draper files another long, condescending Sunday Magazine profile on the conservative movement and its "quisling," Sen. Lindsay Graham of "bloodred" South Carolina.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry Like 'George W. Bush on Steroids'

A charming image, courtesy of Times contributing writer Robert Draper, on Texas's Republican governor, Rick Perry: " his ostrich-skin cowboy boots with popcorn tumbling down his shirt while ...
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