On MSNBC, Rolling Stone's Taibbi Accuses Boehner & Tea Party of Racist 'Coded Language'

Appearing as a guest on Thursday's Countdown show on MSNBC, Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi accused Republican House Speaker John Boehner and Tea Party activists of racism in the form of using "coded ...

CNN Books Three Liberals to Discuss WikiLeaks, No Conservatives

CNN's Larry King provided more proof that his network does indeed "play favorites," contrary to the claim of their recent ad, by bringing on three liberals on his program on Monday to discuss ...

CNN's Parker-Spitzer Endorse Matt Taibbi's Anti-Tea Party Attack: 'Chasing Mexicans on Medicaid'

CNN's Kathleen Parker and Eliot Spitzer endorsed Matt Taibbi's bashing of conservatives on their Monday program. Spitzer marveled over the Rolling Stone editor's "brilliant" label of the Tea Party ...

CBS Ignores Obama's Attacks on Tea Party and Fox News in Rolling Stone Interview, Talks About His iPod Play List

At the top of the 8PM ET hour on Tuesday's CBS Early Show, senior White House correspondent Bill Plante touted President Obama's comments about the midterm elections in a recent interview: "[He] ...

CBS's Logan Zings Hastings: He's 'Never Served His Country the Way McChrystal Has'

Lara Logan, CBS's chief foreign affairs correspondent, took to CNN's Reliable Sources on Sunday to accuse Michael Hastings of using subterfuge and Rolling Stone of pushing an agenda in their hit ...

NBC Guest: Obama White House a 'Team of Nine-Year-Olds'

NBC's Today show on Wednesday refreshingly brought on a conservative guest who ripped the Obama administration's management of the war in Afghanistan. Daniel Goure of the Lexington Institute ...

Times Uses McChrystal Frenzy to Rehash Generic Anti-War Talking Points in Lead Story

"The firestorm was fueled by increasing doubts - even in the military - that Afghanistan can be won and by crumbling public support for the nine-year war as American casualties rise."

Media Praise Catholic-Bashing Lady Gaga Video

'Alejandro' features homoerotic, S&M, religious imagery in what some call 'blasphemy.'

Rolling Stone Reporter Uses Insults as Journalism Tactic

Matt Taibbi explains he is encouraged by magazine editors to make mundane policy issues like financial regulation reform interesting with 'name-calling.'

Rolling Stone Attacks 'Climate Killers' 'Derailing Efforts to Curb Global Warming'

Magazine attacks Warren Buffett, Rupert Murdoch and 15 other 'polluters and deniers.'
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