Oliver Stone, Lousy Historian

Movie director Oliver Stone said on HBO that Ronald Reagan was a dumb "SOB." Historians and Reagan aides say the dumb one is the man from Hollywood.

Oliver Stone: 'Reagan Was a Dumb Son of a Bitch' Who Spawned Bush

Film producer/director Oliver Stone declared on Friday night's edition of HBO's Real Time that "Reagan was a dumb son of a bitch" and "I really think George W is dumber," but he won't create a ...

The Times Finds New Way to Insult Ronald Reagan

John Harwood finds a new way to insult Ronald Reagan: The former heartless budget-cutter was actually guilty of "runaway spending."

Reagan the 'Moses of...Greedy White Men'; Beat Reagan Statue with Shoe Like Saddam's?

On HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher, D.L. Hughley insisted "you never saw drugs or drive-byes or homeless people" in inner-cities before Reagan "cut" social programs and became "the Moses ...

Bob Herbert Wakes Up, Smells the Racism in GOP Opposition to Sotomayor

Sonia Sotomayor's no racist, but just about everyone in the Republican party is, says the Times liberal columnist.

'Bulls & Bears' Guest Can't Find Example of Stimulus Success

Talk radio host and stimulus bill proponent Leslie Marshall was asked, but couldn't name an economic recovery linked to stimulus.

Reporter Glad "American Macho" of Bush Era on the Wane

Reporter Alan Feuer on the paper's City Room blog: "It's safe to say that with the Bush era behind us, the American Macho - responsible for Blackwater and 'Mission Accomplished'- is on the wane."

Obama's Very Name a Soothing Mantra in Difficult Times

Reporter turned editorialist Francis Clines: "The new president's name, simply his name, was just the restorative the enormous crowds needed." And a lead editorial takes cheap departing shots at ...

Reagan More Out-of-Mainstream Than Obama

Book review editor Sam Tanenhaus, who was considered a conservative when he took the job, seems amazed that "Some 40 years later, there are conservatives who still inveigh against the perils of ...

Krugman Follows Well-Worn Path to Nobel Prize: Outspoken Liberal Ideas

Like Gore, IPCC and Carter, NYT columnist shows how Bush-bashing and promotion of the welfare state wins the favor of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.
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