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Times Hypes 'Damning Report' Against Murdoch's Media Empire: Four Front-Page Stories in Eight Days

The New York Times has an obsession with media mogul Rupert Murdoch. Anticipating a report from the British government, the Times went into overdrive with front-page stories attacking the ...

Media Criticism of Murdoch Almost Killed Wall Street Journal Bid

New York Post says attacks 'normally leveled at a genocidal tyrant' 'almost squashed the deal.'

'Good Morning America' Attacks the Man with 'Everything'

As Dow Jones deal appears imminent, ABC airs worries about the 'nightmare' of Rupert Murdoch making changes to the WSJ.

NYT: Journal Staffers Don't Like Anyone to Own Paper

Reporters, editors fight current bosses and oppose Murdoch and G.E./Pearson bid as 'trash or slash.'
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