Lefty Crackpot Theory: Chinese Dictators Funneling Cash into Campaigns for Overseas Jobs

Radio host/MSNBC regular Mike Papantonio claims Sharron Angle, Michele Bachmann have secret donors with job-exporting agendas.

Media Use Crazy Weather to Hype Global Warming, Despite Admissions Weather Isn't Climate

From Associated Press to national newspapers, coverage of floods, fires, droughts, sinkholes make 'case' for global warming alarmism.

George Stephanopoulos in Russia: Skips Violence Against Journalists, Highlights Russian President's Love of Pink Floyd

Good Morning America's George Stephanopoulos reported live from Russia on Monday and Tuesday and, despite devoting 32 minutes to interviewing the country's President and other officials, never ...

ABC's George Stephanopoulos Prompts Obama to Tout His Legacy

Good Morning America's George Stephanopoulos on Friday interviewed Barack Obama from Russia and prompted the President to tout his legacy. The former Democratic operative also pressed Obama to ...

ClimateGate Fallout: Russian Think Tank Says Temperature Data was 'Cherry-Picked'

IBD: Institute of Economic Analysis says warming could be exaggerated by '0.64 degrees Celsius.'

Times 'Bows' to Obama Officials Who Say President Observed Protocol in Japan

Besides dismissing concerns over Obama's deep bow in Japan as attacks from "conservative American bloggers," reporters Helene Cooper and David Barboza see Obama making "progress" in getting Russia ...

Newsweek Seriously Asks: 'Was Russia Better Off Red?'

The October 12 issue of Newsweek asked: "Was Russia Better Off Red?" The "Back Story" page of the magazine featured a graphic comparing life under communism to now: "Since the collapse of the ...

Obama's "Diplomatic Coup" in Russia Over Iran's Nukes?

Yeah Obama! (And don't mention the betrayal of Poland and the Czech Republic over the cancelling of an antimissile system.)

Obama's Gaffes in Moscow Almost Ignored

Obama made multiple verbal gaffes while in Moscow, including misremembering his daughter's age and where he met his wife. Times coverage? A single paragraph. Would George W. Bush have gotten the ...
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