Same-Sex Marriage

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CNN Asks Catholic Bishop 'Why Not Get on Board' and Support Gay Marriage

CNN's Kyra Phillips asked a Catholic bishop on Thursday "why not get on board" with dissenting Catholics who favor gay marriage. Given CNN's past support for LGBT causes, they clearly would not ...
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Piers Morgan Rudely Labels Michele Bachmann as Intolerant, 'Judgmental,' and 'Vociferous'

On his Monday night show, CNN's Piers Morgan branded Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) as "one of the most judgmental people in American politics." Bachmann shot back that he was being ...
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CNN Lobs Softballs as Contributor Says GOP Isn't Fighting for Liberty of 'Muslims and Mosques'

Republicans are deceitfully playing with words to avoid being slammed as homophobes, racists, and bigots, claimed CNN contributor L.Z. Granderson on Thursday morning's Newsroom. Anchor Kyra ...
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CNN Asks anti-Prop 8 Plaintiffs If They're 'Considered Heroes', When They're Getting Married

CNN's Randi Kaye gave a soft interview to the plaintiffs in the case to overturn California's ban on same-sex marriage, Proposition 8. Kaye asked them questions like if there were "wedding plans ...
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