Newsweek on Palin: A 'Pet Pony' and 'Rapture-Ready Extremist'

Once again Newsweek gives multiple pages to an atheist's rant.

Keller on "Petty" Palin; McCain Guilty of "Demonstrable Falsehoods"

From the horse's mouth: Political editor Richard Stevenson tells the Public Editor that John McCain is guilty of "demonstrable falsehoods," while Executive Editor Bill Keller accuses Sarah Palin ...

Deborah Solomon Disdains "Eager...Anti-Intellectualism" of McCain & Palin

Times reporter to libertarian intellectual Charles Murray: "Why is the McCain clan so eager to advertise its anti-intellectualism?"

Zernike's Flawed Fact-Checking of Sarah Palin

Kate Zernike complains about lack of access to Palin and says: "She sticks to her script, even when the facts are in dispute."

Who's The Library Bully?

According to the ACLU, not displaying The Joy of Gay Sex violates the constitutional rights of library visitors.

Networks Help Obama Bridge Gap on Earmarks

Journalists race to 'check' Palin claims, ignore Democrats' billion dollars in earmarks.

Schieffer: McCain Campaign 'Demeaning to Women' Because No Palin Press Conferences

CBS 'Face the Nation' anchor and presidential debate moderator criticizes evolution of blogs and their effect on media business, citing Palin pregnancy rumors.

Charles Gibson Redeemed Himself from Being Too Tough on Dems By Being Tough on Palin?

"In April, Mr. Gibson and Mr. Stephanopoulos were roundly panned for bypassing the most pressing issues of the day (at least early on in their Democratic debate) in favor of queries about the ...

Obligatory Sarah Palin Hit Piece Shrugworthy

Times goes drilling for scandal in Sarah Palin's Alaskan background, comes up empty.

Palin-Hating Columnist Has Epiphany Meeting Pro-Palin Mothers

Judith Warner attends a Palinpalooza campaign rally in Fairfax, Va. and concludes that "liberals need to start working harder at breaking through the empathy barrier."
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