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Flashback: Video Mocks Michael Mann in ‘Hide the Decline’

Leaked ClimateGate emails prompt Minnesotans for Global Warming to ridicule prominent global warming alarmist.
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Farmed & Disingenuous: Chipotle’s Agribusiness Attack Upsets Farmers

CNBC’s Jim Cramer calls it ‘brilliant,’ while farmers cry foul over Hulu series’ ‘divisive propaganda.’

Vanity Fair Targets News-Making GOP Men in Sexy 'Beefcake' Calendar

The oft-criticized Republican Party gets hit again by the fashion magazine, one week prior to midterms.

April Fools Day Edition: Those Ignorant, Racist Tea-Baggers

April Fools Edition

NYT Co., a Big Corporation, Fawns Over Anti-Corporate Saboteurs 'The Yes Men'

The left-wing anti-corporate parodist duo "The Yes Men" have posed as spokesman for big companies like McDonald's, Dow Chemical, as well as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. And the liberals at the ...

Family Guy Out-Crudes Itself

Immigration, patriotism ... and male anatomy?

Blasphemy as 'Satire'

Sarah Silverman portrays God as an arrogant, pot-smoking, foul-mouthed boyfriend she can't wait to dump.

Out This Weekend: The Simpsons Movie

Grownup cartoon satire often imitated, but never equaled.
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