NBC's 'Today' Frets Over Scott Brown Getting 'Nasty' and 'Personal' in Mass. Senate Race

At the top of Friday's NBC Today, co-host Matt Lauer wondered if a joke by Republican Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown in response to a jab by Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren was a ...

Andrea Mitchell Wistfully Yearns for Ted Kennedy's Presence In Passing Liberal Legislation

On Friday's edition of MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell Reports, Mitchell brought on the Boston Globe's Peter Canellos to pine for the widow of Ted Kennedy, Vicki, to challenge Republican Scott Brown for ...

Bravo's Kathy Griffin tells 'The View' Co-Host Hasselbeck to 'Suck It'

Griffin's sparring match with Hasselbeck continues over Scott Brown comments.

CNN Reporter Dana Bash Laughs as Kathy Griffin Calls Scott Brown's Daughters 'Prostitutes'

On her Bravo TV show Tuesday night, left-wing comedian Kathy Griffin referred to Sen. Scott Brown's two daughters as "prostitutes," and a CNN reporter apparently thought it hysterical.

ABC's Sawyer Celebrates 'Bipartisanship' of GOP Senator Scott Brown Voting with Dems

On Monday's World News on ABC, host Diane Sawyer seemed to rejoice in the "bipartisanship" of newly elected Republican Senator Scott Brown's willingness to vote with Democrats on a "job creation ...

Nine Days Before Election, Boston Globe's Pierce Ridiculed Notion Brown Could Win

In a contribution to the Boston Globe Magazine nine days before the Jan. 19 Senate election won by Republican Scott Brown, the Globe's Charles Pierce ridiculed the idea Brown could win: "Well, ...

Walters Pushes Brown from the Left, Wonders if Kennedy 'Disappointed' by His Victory?

Barbara Walters began her This Week interview with Scott Brown by reciting how "at 12 you were arrested for shoplifting" and "at 22 you posed nude," before she pressed him from the left to ...

New Englanders: Not Nearly as Smart as They Were Eight Months Ago

Columnist Charles Blow has a change of heart after the Mass. Senate election.

Sentences She'd Like to Have Back, Massachusetts Edition

Reporter Abby Goodnough awaits the crowning of the new senator representing Massachusetts, Martha Coakley, and columnist Charles Blow finds New Englanders have morphed from educated progressives ...
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