Times Again Leaves Out Communism in Coverage of Khmer Rouge Atrocities

Seth Mydans' reports from Cambodia on the verdict in the trial of a Khmer Rouge jailer, but fails to explain or even mention the ideology that motivated the Communist group to kill almost two ...

Revkin Worries Stable Temps Crippling Global Warming Activism

Reporter and global warming advocate Andrew Revkin wonders if the recent stabilization in global temps (good news, right?) will halt government regulation on climate change. Meanwhile, Seth Mydans ...

The Times Fails to Call Genocidal Khmer Rouge Regime "Communist"

Reporter Seth Mydans reverts to old bad habits in his followup story on a trial in Cambodia of a Khmer Rouge torturer.

The Times Finally Puts Right Label on Communist Khmer Rouge

Times Watch recently criticized the paper for scrubbing a reference to the Communist nature of the genocidal Khmer Rouge. Today, the word "Communist" is prominent.

Ignoring Communist Ideology of Murderous Khmer Rouge

Two Seth Mydans stories from a Khmer Rouge trial in Phnom Penh ignore the communist ideology behind the liquidation of two million Cambodians by the fanatical movement, to the point of removing a ...

The Times Trumpets Unlikely Poster Boy Against Deportation

Seth Mydans fails to warm Times Watch's cold heart with this anecdote about "K.K.", an immigrant deported to his home country: "It was only after he was convicted of armed robbery at 18 that he ...
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