Hollywood Reporter Brooks Barnes on P.C. Patrol at the Movies

Brooks Barnes asks the important questions: "Over a two-hour dinner at a trendy restaurant here earlier this month, [Pixar founder and film director John Lasseter] was at turns solemn and ...

Another Summer Spoiled: Critic Dargis Again Hits 'Separate and Unequal' U.S. Movies

Manohla Dargis's latest movie "spoiler" - another cri de couer about the lack of women on screen in summer movies: "Is there a lesson here for those big-studio executives who even now are reading ...

Thank Goodness: Obama-care 'Will Lower the Costs of Being a Woman'

The Times' Denise Grady cribs from a feminist group to accuse health insurance companies of sex discrimination, something that will be cured under Obama-care: "Being a woman is no longer a ...

It Begins: Dem Loss in Mass. Senate Due to Sexism?

Strangely, Ted Kennedy is not mentioned in a story about sexism in Mass. politics. Reporter Katie Zezima instead wonders if Mass. voters knew Martha Coakley was a woman, since she "never mentioned ...

Movie Critic Dargis Angrily Demands More Female Film Directors

Movie reviewer Manohla Dargis demands more female directors and asks about the lack of same: "Feeling queasy yet? Resigned? Indifferent? A little angry?" Um, not yet.

Laughable: 'Countdown' Accuses Palin of Sexism

Olbermann and O'Donnell argue Sarah Palin forced Scozzafava out of NY 23 race and wonder why she wasn't called out for sexism.

"No Doubts: Men Are Better Managers"

One headline that will never, ever appear in the Times. But what if you change one word?

'World News' Uses Sanford Scandal to Make Sexist Claim against Male Politicians

ABC News political analyst Cokie Roberts suggests male politicians wouldn't cheat 'if they were thinking with another part of their body.'

Media Laud Title IX; Ignore Dark Side

Sixty-five percent of broadcast discussions focus on gains by female athletes and white-wash the negative effects on men.

MSNBC's Sexist Hypocrisy: Open Season on Conservative Women

In America, only liberal women enjoy protection from public degradation and disgusting characterizations.
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