MSNBC's Luke Russert Hypes Russ Feingold as a 'Fiscal Conservative,' Hits Angle for 'Absurd Comments'

MSNBC reporter Luke Russert on Tuesday lauded Democratic Senator Russ Feingold as a "fiscal conservative." During the same segment, he knocked Republican Sharron Angle for making "outlandish, ...

When 'Racist' Label Fails, Left Calls Tea Parties 'Crazy'

Character assassination against Delaware Senate candidate latest in long line of 'insane' accusations.

Times Plays Up Sharron Angle's 'Awkward Retreats' from 'Hardline Positions'

Reporter Adam Nagourney puts all the pressure on Harry Reid's Republican challenger and her "politically intemperate remarks" and "hardline positions." There's still no mention of Reid's unpopular ...

CNN's Sanchez: Reid's Racist Gaffe Emblematic of Angle's Incompetence

Discussing Harry Reid's racially-charged comment about Hispanic Republicans, Rick Sanchez miraculously managed to turn the embattled senator's gaffe into an example of his opponent Sharron Angle's ...

NBC's Chuck Todd on Hardball Ponders: Is Ken Buck, 'Sharron Angle in Drag?'

NBC's chief White House correspondent Chuck Todd, substitute hosting for Chris Matthews, on Wednesday's Hardball, managed to question the political viability of two Republican candidates in one ...

'Scrappy' Harry Reid 'Giddy' at Having Found 'Right Opponent' in Nutty Sharron Angle

Reporter Adam Nagourney sounds "just a little bit giddy" about Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid's allegedly improving prospects for re-election in Nevada against Tea Party favorite Sharron Angle.

MSNBC Scarborough Slams Republican Sharron Angle as a 'Jackass'

On Tuesday's edition of "Morning Joe," Joe Scarborough and his panel discussed the 2010 midterm elections and trashed Republican candidate Sharron Angle as a "mental patient" and a "jackass."

Times Watch Quotes of Note - Times Takes 'Far Right' Angle on G.O.P. Senate Candidate from Nevada

Among her detractors and her supporters [Angle] is known as a far-right conservative and a thorn in the side of both parties, routinely voting no on almost everything that came before the ...

Times Takes 'Far Right' Angle on G.O.P. Senate Candidate from Nevada

Plus: A Classic Campaign Gaffe by Fiorina - But Silence on Dem Calling Whitman a Nazi

Columnist: GOP Women Won 'While Espousing Far-Right, Far-Out Ideas'

Columnist Peter Applebome, not so cheerful about Republican women winning big last Tuesday: "Last week's primaries were a great moment for women in American politics, an inspiring reminder that ...
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