Nets Use Ginni Thomas' Apology Request to Scold Her Conservative Political Efforts

In broadcast network stories on how Ginni Thomas left a phone message for Anita Hill, the network journalists couldn't resist scolding her for her conservative political activity. "Ginni Thomas ...

ABC Hypes Michelle Obama's 'Star Power' in Wisconsin, Skips Any Mention of GOP Challenger

According to Good Morning America's Sharyn Alfonsi, the White House is hoping the "star power" of Michelle Obama will be enough for the Democrats to beat the Republican senatorial challenger in ...

ABC Works to Rehabilitate Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf's Reputation After Pining for George W. Bush

ABC News set out Monday night to rehabilitate the reputation of the iman behind the proposed mosque near Ground Zero, Feisal Abdul Rauf, trying to discredit criticism of him from the right as ...

ABC Gives Credibility to Claim 'Queen of Fake Outrage' Palin 'Overreacting' to 'Irreverent' MacFarlane

Now that actress Andrea Fay Friedman of the Fox series the Family Guy has spoken out publicly against Sarah Palin, ABC has aired a story on the controversy, which ran on Saturday's World News. The ...

Networks Praise 'Clunker' Program, Downplay Critics

ABC, CBS and NBC all say car trade-in scheme is a 'victim of its own success,' after burning through $1 billion in a week.

Nets Advance Taxing Big Soda to Pay for ObamaCare

ABC and CBS on Monday night couldn't resist interjecting a plug for imposing a tax on soda to bring in revenue to pay for ObamaCare. ABC's Sharyn Alfonsi asserted "health officials seem to like ...

ABC Admits Doom-and-Gloom Gas Price Forecasts Were Wrong

Network notes lower costs, challenges experts who predicted fuel would rise to $5 a gallon.

Will Journalists Finally Get the Recession They Crave?

Most economists say downturn here, while Time magazine runs cover showing 'The New Hard Times.'

'World News' Clues in on Doubling Corn Prices, Ignores Culprit

Whodunit: Congress, in the Capitol, with the Ethanol Mandate

'World News' Predicts $7-a-Gallon Gasoline

ABC evening show predicts extreme price increase, but curiously explains the actual cause of high gasoline prices and provides some context.
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