Times Watch Quotes of Note - Voters 'Don't Want' GOP to Stop Obama-care for Fear of 'Gridlock'

Also, Frank Rich warns that the radical right's anger will target "gays, Latinos and Muslims," and conservatives lie about vote fraud.

Voters 'Don't Want' GOP to Stop Obama-care for Fear of 'Gridlock'

Also: Frank Rich stirs fears that radical right's anger will target gays, Latinos and Muslims.

Morning After Voter Rejection of Obama-Care, Stolberg Claims Voters 'Don't Want' GOP to Stop It for Fear of 'Gridlock'

Sheryl Gay Stolberg: "One big question is whether Republicans will try to hack away at the bill by gumming up the works through the appropriations process and stopping [Obama-care's] provisions ...

John Boehner's 'Pale,' 'Pudgy' Chief of Staff vs. Obama's 'Low-Key and Lumbering,' Yet Soothing, One

A tale of two chiefs of staff, one for a top Republican, one for the top Democrat: "[Barry] Jackson, the chief of staff to Mr. Boehner, the House Republican leader from Ohio, is shaggy-haired and ...

Times Watch Quotes of Note - Kate Zernike Still Smearing Tea Party as Racist

Plus Sheryl Gay Stolberg explains the Ground Zero mosque to the rubes outside Manhattan, and Matt Bai questions the "nativist impulse" behind the mosque's opponents.

Stolberg Snobby About Anti-Mosque Opinions Outside Manhattan

In a Times podcast, reporters suggest racism is partially to blame for Obama's bad poll numbers, and Sheryl Gay Stolberg says that the hicks in the sticks don't understand the mosque project at ...

Stolberg Circulates Supermarket Tabloid Story on Obama In Sympathetic 'Misperceptions' Article

Sheryl Stolberg dropped the rule that some accusations shouldn't be "dignified" by repeating.

Obama's Mosque Tolerance Threatens Vision of a 'White...Christian' America?

Sheryl Gay Stolberg read minds of opponents and implied racism and religious intolerance among Ground Zero Mosque opponents.

Shirley Sherrod Case Puts Focus on Obama and Race

Sheryl Gay Stolberg uses the discussion to praise Obama's "serious and thoughtful effort to address race relations," otherwise known as his politically necessary speech in March 2008 after the ...

Reality Check: NYT Implies Fox to Blame for Sherrod, But White House Acted Before Story Ran

Sheryl Gay Stolberg: "The controversy illustrates the influence of right-wing Web sites like the one run by Andrew Breitbart, the blogger who initially posted the misleading and highly edited ...
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