Times Watch Quotes of Note - Venezuela Dictator Hugo Chavez a 'Good-Hearted Man of the People'

Plus: Democrats and double standards: Robert Byrd vs. Jesse Helms, plus the brilliant, funny, warm, and witty Elena Kagan.

Elena Kagan a 'Brilliant Woman...Who Is Also Very Funny and Warm and Witty'

Plus: Democrats and Double Standards

Kagan Triumphant: 'Some Republicans See Her Confirmation to the Supreme Court As All but Assured'

All hail Kagan! Sheryl Gay Stolberg and Charlie Savage: "But try as they might, Republicans could not knock Solicitor General Elena Kagan off her stride. And as her second day of questioning by ...

Stolberg: Kagan a 'Brilliant Woman...Who Is Also Very Funny and Warm and Witty'

Reporter Sheryl Gay Stolberg, Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats agree: Kagan a "brilliant" Supreme Court nominee: "Let's not forget that Elena Kagan has been an academic. She is a brilliant ...

Really? The Times on Obama's 'Buck-Stops-Here Philosophy'

Perennial Bush-basher Obama provided some conservative belly laughs when he told high school graduates not to make excuses or blame others. But the Times' Sheryl Gay Stolberg simply relayed ...

Elena Kagan Was Just 'Trying to...Chart a Centrist Course' for Clinton White House?

Sheryl Gay Stolberg examines some of Kagan's papers from her days as a Clinton adviser and finds both Kagan and Clinton to be sensible centrists, even on abortion.

Obama-Care Comeback 'A Legislative Lazarus Tale'

The Times gets biblical on the eve of Sunday's successful House vote in passing Obama-care.

Times Touts White House's Official Health-Care Victim Two Days Running

For the second day in a row, the Times highlighted a health-care anecdote that Obama wanted highlighted - the sad story of Ohio resident Natoma Canfield, Obama's poster woman for victims of rising ...

It's Alive! (Again): Times Reporter Once Again Hails Resurrection of Obama-Care

Reporter David Herszenhorn hailed the health summit as Obama's "grand gesture of bipartisanship," opined that Obama's massive remaking of U.S. health care was "a largely middle-of-the-road ...

Obama's Sweet Reasoning, 'Consensus-Building' Falls on Deaf Ears in D.C.

Why won't Washington heed Obama's reasoning? Sheryl Gay Stolberg ponders: "Ever since his days as a young community organizer in Chicago, Mr. Obama has held fast to the belief that by listening ...
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