Is Obama Backing Away From No Tax-Hike Pledge for Middle Class?

Obama leaves the door open for middle-class tax hikes to pay for his health-care "reform." But the Times, which jealously defended candidate Obama against tax-raising accusations during, glides ...

Bush vs. Obama: Double Standards on Africa's Enthusiasm

While the Times found Africa "rapt" with attention while listening to Barack Obama in Ghana, last year it found "Bush Confront[ing] Hard Questions," emphasizing the continents' ongoing woes and ...

Sotomayor's Diabetes Struggle Is Heroic - But Gov. Palin Raising a Family Was Troubling

Sheryl Gay Stolberg finds something else to fawn about regarding Sonia Sotomayor: "That no-nonsense attitude, combined with the attention to detail that characterizes her legal opinions, has been ...

Stolberg "Surprised" By Unsurprising Event: Wal-Mart Pushing Liberal Agenda

Sheryl Gay Stolberg also failed to quote anyone opposed to a Wal-Mart/labor union alliance pushing a requirement that companies provide health insurance to their workers.

Obama Just "Trying to Bring People Together," but GOP Dredges Up "Race Wars"

Plus: Sotomayor Speaks to Cafeteria Workers, in Spanish!

While Obama "Trying to Bring People Together," GOP Dredges Up "Ugly Culture and Race Wars"

White House reporter Sheryl Gay Stolberg laments GOP attacks on Sotomayor: "And also I think that it's important to note that this comes in the broader context of race relations in this country, ...

Stolberg Can't Get Enough of Sotomayor's "Powerful Personal Story"

'The White House is betting that only the most hardened senator would not be moved by her powerful personal story - a daughter of Puerto Rican parents, who discovered at 8 she had diabetes, who ...

Sonia Sotomayor Has a "Compelling Life Story" - But Clarence Thomas Didn't?

Double standards in the treatment of two Supreme Court nominees, one conservative, the other liberal, who rose from hardship.

NY Times: Sotomayor Has a 'Compelling Life Story,' But Clarence Thomas Didn't in 1991

Judge Sonia Sotomayor and Judge Clarence Thomas both had compelling life stories when they were nominated for the Supreme Court. But only Sotomayor's story has been celebrated that way by the New ...

Sotomayor Calls Herself Liberal, Even When the NY Times Won't

Sheryl Gay Stolberg gushed that Obama Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor "danced a mean salsa" at Princeton, hints she might be some kind of liberal - but not until paragraph 73.
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