Sotomayor Calls Herself Liberal, Even When the Times Won't

Sheryl Gay Stolberg gushed that Obama Supreme Court nominee Sotomayor "danced a mean salsa" at Princeton, hints she might be some kind of liberal in paragraph 73.

Obama Challenged From Left on Gay Marriage

Sheryl Gay Stolberg tries to nudge Obama toward a more outspoken advocacy on gay issue, but still gives Obama a pass on his opposition to gay marriage because he's a Christian.

Left-Wing Thugs in Latin America "Inspired" By Obama, Times Applauds

Bleech: "Leaders from the Western Hemisphere, inspired by a new American president, closed a two-day summit meeting proclaiming a new dawn for relations in the region..."

Times Reloads Bad Mexico Gun Numbers

The "90 percent" figure just won't die.

Obama Loosens Cuba Restrictions, Times Applauds

Guess which side reporters Sheryl Gay Stolberg (pictured) and Damien Cave are on: "Those who still support the Bush hard line denounced the decision....Yet those old animosities are giving way to ...

Did Newt Invent Partisanship? The Times Thinks So

Who's to blame for excessive partisanship in D.C.? White House reporter Sheryl Gay Stolberg points to "Gingrich, a veteran - and, some would say, the architect - of the hard-edged 90s." But what ...

Times Watch Quotes of Note - Executive Editor Takes Cheap Shots at O'Reilly, Coulter, and Kristol

Plus Cheney the Drunken Fratboy and Don't Trust the Times With Your Life

Even in Disgrace, Tom Daschle Still Has a Fan in Sheryl Gay Stolberg

Stolberg co-authored an article on Daschle's withdrawal from Cabinet consideration over tax woes: "Others said Mr. Daschle's situation marks a loss for Washington and the end of a time when a ...

Barack Obama: Conservation for Thee, Not for Me

The Times misses Obama's thermostat hypocrisy.

No Context as Obama Heaps "Shame" on Banker Bonuses

Plus, a liberal sports columnist begs Bruce Springsteen to make a political statement during his halftime Superbowl concert: "...maybe we'll get lucky and there will be at least one bold moment ...
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