It's OK to Be Proud of America Again

Plus John Ashcroft vs. Eric Holder & Bad Press All Bush's Fault

Stolberg: Bush to Blame for Not Playing Nice With Media

Reporter Sheryl Gay Stolberg on George W. Bush: "If he had engaged the press throughout his administration and used the press to his advantage, he would not find himself at the end of his ...

Top 10 Lowlights of the New York Times from Campaign 2008

The theme from 2008: The hopeful Obama vs. the fallen "maverick" McCain.

NYT Front-Page Spread Blames Bush for "Mortgage Bonfire"

Two Bush-hostile reporters stack virtually all the blame for the mortgage meltdown on President Bush, despite actions by Congress and the previous Clinton administration.

Stolberg: Big-Government Proposals Provide "Comfort" in Times Akin to Great Depression

The Times' White House reporter celebrates the New New Deal: "Well I think you're seeing a very interesting comparison frankly to Franklin Roosevelt and the New Deal. This has been called the New ...

President Obama Suck-Up Alert: Today's Entry, Reporter Sheryl Gay Stolberg

The Times' White House reporter Stolberg (pictured) gushed about the president-elect: "Now comes Barack Obama: young, hip and multicultural..."

Reporter Asks: Should Palin Talk About Hubby's DUI in Her Speech?

Sheryl Gay Stolberg: "But what about the business of Ms. Palin's complicated family: her feud with her state trooper brother-in-law, which sparked an ethics investigation; her husband, who was ...

McCain's Protection of Bristol Palin's Privacy Calls Leadership Into Question

On a podcast, reporters Jackie Calmes and Sheryl Stolberg attack Palin and McCain's judgment and say the pregnancy story is fair game because the campaign has "made a big issue of [Palin's] ...

Times Still Using Hurricane Katrina to Victimize Bush

"Try as he might, President Bush cannot escape the haunting memory of Hurricane Katrina." Not if the Times has anything to say about it, anyway.

Cheney Makes Them Laugh

A copy editor puts the Vice President in his place: "Making a roomful of reporters laugh. On purpose."
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