Two Leftist Dictatorships 'Infused With Revolutionary Zeal' That 'Revere Their Leaders'

Reporter Simon Romero: "To the many comparisons that can been made between Venezuela and Cuba - two close allies, both infused with revolutionary zeal, driven by movements that revere their ...

Terrorist Helper Lori Berenson, a Mere 'Outcast' Guilty of 'Youthful Outburst' and Past 'Mistakes'?

Simon Romero excuses terrorist helper Lori Berenson's "youthful outburst" of support of the Marxist terrorists of Peru's MRTA (she was 26) and wonders why the people of Peru, who suffered mightily ...

Sympathy for Lori Berenson, Baker, Music Teacher, Unrepentant Terrorist Helper

From reporter Simon Romero, sympathy for recently paroled Lori Berenson, ace baker, music teacher, and unrepentant terrorist helper: "Television crews descended on her neighbors-to-be in Lima, ...

Tear Down Those Anti-Capitalist Manifestos, Comrades

Really? "The Shining Path Maoists now embrace capitalism in the form of an illicit business."

The "Resilient" Left-Wing Strongman Hugo Chavez

A Times text box lauds Venezuelan President Chavez's "resilience" in winning a referendum ending term limits - but what of the strong-armed intimidation tactics leading up to the vote?

More NYT Gullibility on Cuba's "Advances in Education and Health Care"

Simon Romero falls for the old liberal line on Cuba's "enduring revolution."

"Strong Incentives to Comply" in Cuba Fridge Swap

What sort of "strong incentives" apply in a Communist dictatorship? Reporter Simon Romero doesn't ask, but does talk about the "free" health care and education in Cuba.
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