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Sarkozy Loss in France Could Mean Higher Taxes on the Rich in the United States?

Really? Steven Erlanger reports from the presidential campaign in France: "Growing inequality has become a hot-button topic across Europe, and if Mr. Hollande were to win, the move to impose ...

NYT Can't Stop Blaming French President Sarkozy Appeals to 'Far Right,' Even After Toulouse Killer Identified as Radical Islamist

Even after the murderer in Toulouse is identified as a radical Islamist, the Times still can't let go of its attacks on French President Nicolas Sarkozy's for allegedly making anti-immigrant ...
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Another NYTimes Hit Piece on Sarkozy, Suggesting Appeals to 'Far Right' Set Mood for School Murders

Reporter Steven Erlanger claims "No one is suggesting that the French presidential campaign inspired a serial killer..." but then goes on do just that: "But in a period of economic anxiety, ...
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