First '99%', Now the 'Robin Hood Tax': NYT Reporters Celebrate Another Leftist Idea

Times reporters enthuse over yet another catchy left-wing idea: "They call it the Robin Hood tax - a tiny levy on trades in the financial markets that would take money from the banks and give it ...

Greenhouse Cheers on Big Labor, Occupy Wall Street Romance

Go OWS! Steven Greenhouse on Big Labor's "flirtation" with Occupy Wall Street: "Labor unions, marveling at how the protesters have fired up the public on traditional labor issues like income ...

Times Touts 'Unexpected Success' of Wall Street Protest; Almost Ignored NYC Tea Party in 2009

Promotional coverage of the Occupy Wall Street crowd on the front page of the Times: "In fact, the unexpected success of Occupy Wall Street in leveling criticism of corporate America has stirred ...

'Tens of Thousands' at Lefty Rally in D.C., but Times Avoided Specifics for Tea Party, Beck

Labor reporter Steven Greenhouse led his story on the left-wing "One Nation" rally with a specific and generous crowd estimate. Yet the Times didn't get into specifics when it came to far larger ...

Times Finds Excuses for Lousy Rhode Island School, Hits President from Left for Supporting Teacher Dismissals

Even Barack Obama agrees with a Rhode Island school board that fired all its teachers, but the Times fires a warning shot from the left: "Officials at the two unions, the National Education ...

(Almost) Everyone Rejoice! Obama's Giving You a Tax Cut

Emphasizing Obama's populist appeal, while burying his tax hike for those making over $250,000 a year.

OK for AFL-CIO to Bash McCain, Yet Anti-Obama Mail Racially Suspect?

A tale of two mailings: One reporter revels in the the AFL-CIO's big political push against McCain, while another laments ", harsh anti-Obama literature in my mailbox."

Cover-to-Cover Liberal Bias in the Sunday Book Review

From liberal Times reporters approving of liberal books to liberal professors praising books from liberal Times reporters, the Sunday Book Review came loaded with bias from every angle.

Embracing Liberal "Living Wage," Avoiding Conservative "Amnesty"

Double standards in labeling: The Times doesn't question the dubious "living wage" label - but conservatives can't use "amnesty."

Greenhouse Omits Facts that Make Big Bad Wal-Mart Look Good

The Times' labor reporter skips the inconvenient truth: Wal-Mart overpaid 215,000 employees over the last five years, but is not seeking to recover the money.
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