Times Suddenly OK With Warring President: Is Obama Intervention in Syria Next?

Today Libya, tomorrow Syria? Times reporters railed against the Iraq War, but are copacetic about possible Obama intervention in Syria: "But the very fact that the administration has joined with ...

Reporter: Shame Netanyahu and Conservatives Ignoring Obama's 'Nuances' on Palestinians

Steven Lee Myers painted Israel's PM Netanyahu as stubborn in the face of Obama's reasonable "peace" offer: "Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel told President Obama on Friday that he ...

Times Sees Just One Side to Women-in-Combat Debate

Two days in a row Times coverage gave short shrift to critics who disagree with placing women in dangerous ground combat assignments in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Iraqi Shoe-Hurling Journalist Merely Expressing "Dissent"?

The Times pointed out that symbols of both Bush and Saddam Hussein had been pelted with shoes by Iraqis, emphasizing that the protest against Bush had been "far bigger."

"Critics" (and NYT Reporters?) Say Bush Has "Squandered the Country's Moral Authority"

"Mr. Bush never sounds surer of himself than when the subject is Sept. 11, even when his critics argue that he has squandered the country's moral authority, violated American and international ...

"Relentless" Bush's "Assault" on Democrats at CPAC?

The thin-skinned Times calls Bush's mild words in his speech at a conservative conference an "assault."

More Middle East Moral Equivalency from the NYT

The Times reverts to old habits as another round of peace talks get under way, blaming Israel for recalcitrance and glossing over Palestinian terrorism.

"Ever Upbeat" Bush Deluded in His Iraq War Optimism

Steven Lee Myers: "'We are still in the early stages of our new operations,' Mr. Bush said in the radio address broadcast Saturday, as if there were not those who fervently wished the country was ...

Karl Rove, Polarizing, Divisive Right-Winger

Adam Nagourney scolded: "Many wonder if a strategy aimed entirely at methodically identifying and stoking the party's conservative base, with issues like gay marriage, abortion and terrorism, was ...
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