Washington Post's Pearlstein Charges Republican Policies 'Kill People Rather than Jobs'

Talk about incendiary and toxic talk. In Friday's Washington Post, business section columnist Steven Pearlstein proclaimed that "what's particularly noteworthy about" congressional Republican ...

Washington Post's Pearlstein: Passing Health Bill Will 'Restore...Trust and Confidence in Ourselves'

"It's shaping up to be a great weekend here in Washington," Washington Post business columnist Steven Pearlstein proclaimed Friday, because of the likely "vote in the House that would finally have ...

Brown's Win Evidence of 'Wretched' State of the Union, Whines Washington Post's Pearlstein

Scott Brown replacing Ted Kennedy in the Senate really irritated Washington Post business section columnist Steven Pearlstein, who cited Brown's victory as an example of the "wretched" state of ...

Post Columnist Smears GOP as 'Political Terrorists' on Health Care

In Friday's Washington Post business section, columnist Steven Pearlstein - who last week condemned the conservative "fantasy" that raising taxes hurts the economy - blasted Republicans as ...

Post Pulitzer Prize Winner: GOP 'Political Terrorists'

Paper's business columnist says Republicans 'willing to say or do anything' to stop consensus on problems.

Washington Post Headline Encapsulates Press Corps Attitude

As the weekend ends, catching up with a Wednesday Washington Post article which encapsulated how journalists are revolted by conservative economic policy and upset at how an aversion to tax hikes ...

Post's Pearlstein: Raising Taxes During Slowdown Not a Bad Thing

Pultizer Prize-winning business columnist tells MSNBC taxpayer money in government hands good for economy.

WaPo's Pearlstein Writes Obituary for Capitalism

Columnist claims free-markets have failed to deliver 'safety, fairness, economic security and environmental sustainability.'

Post Business Columnist Wishes for Economic 'Burn'

Steven Pearlstein exemplifies media desire for economic hardships and 'harsh and vengeful solution.'
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