Bush to "Sharply Reduce Domestic Spending"? Where?

A Times' reporter's claim of sharply reduced domestic spending is contradicted on the same page of his own paper: "...this year's budget limits the growth of all federal programs, other than the ...

Failed Budget Talks All Cheney's Fault

Steven Weisman goes to his favorite deficit "Cassandra," Democratic Sen. Kent Conrad. Plus more "deep cuts" that are actually slowdowns in spending growth.

"Deep Cuts" in Bush's $2.9 Trillion Budget?

The Times has made an annual tradition of finding mostly nonexistent "deep cuts" in Bush's "austere" multi-trillion dollar budget proposals.

Democrat Edwards, Still Not a Liberal

Understatement of the week, from reporter Steven Weisman: "Still, not everyone in the [Democratic] party is a deficit hawk."
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