Numbers Don't Lie: "Daily Show's" Stewart Hammers Right Nearly Four Times More than Left

Comedy Central host averaged 23 percent of broadcast time attacking GOP and Fox.

Jon Stewart Doesn't Regret Inviting Fatwa-Endorsing Singer to Rally

Salman Rushdie: '[I]t was plain that he was fine with it'

Man Up? More Like Man (and Party) Overboard

Left is bringing out its best and brightest complete with clown cars.

Weak: Keith Olbermann, Jon Stewart Attack Inhofe's Climate Skepticism

'Countdown' host cites 'rightwards' leaning AP; 'Daily Show' host derides Senator's 'hoax' proclamation.

Obama's Media Strategy: 'Pick the Target, Freeze It, Personalize It and Polarize It'

New administration embraces direct response approach to addressing critics in the press, ginning up friendly media and net roots.
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