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CBS Champions Elizabeth Warren's New Student Loan Bill; Ignores Plan to Raise Taxes

Tuesday's CBS Evening News ran a mushy feature on Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren's liberal plan to let Americans refinance their student loans by hiking taxes on the wealthy. Anchor Scott ...
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George Soros Turns 83, Still Funds Liberal Groups and Media

Left-wing billionaire still sending gifts to fund the left.
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CNN's Cuomo Lectures Congress on 'Leadership,' Implores Them to Plug Pathway to Citizenship

CNN's Chris Cuomo has tossed aside journalism in the name of advocacy. He begged Congress to "fix" rising student loan rates, and now the New Day co-host insists that "leadership" means Congress ...
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Student Loan Hype: Networks Focus on Debts 245 Percent Higher than Average

 When ABC, CBS and NBC broadcasts mention what graduates owe, they go to extremes. 
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Graduation in 3, 2, 1

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ABC Ignores Its Own Revelation That Obama Was 'Wealthy' While Paying Off Student Loans

ABC News has, thus far, ignored its own revelation that, contrary to insinuations made by Barack Obama, the then-private citizen and his wife "were making enough to be considered 'wealthy' by ...
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CNN Asks Obama's Education Secretary Which Accomplishment He's 'Proudest' of

CNN even noted it was an "election year" before giving Obama's Education Secretary a chance to share his "proudest" accomplishment from his time in office, no doubt bolstering the ...

USA Today Hypes Student Debt Loads

Paper features grad student with more than double the average debt load of his peers.
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