Celebrating the Obamas' Marriage

In a Sunday Magazine cover story, Jodi Kantor celebrates the Obamas' marriage and again downplays Michelle Obama's controversial campaign remarks about being proud of her country "for the first time."

Deborah Solomon Disdains "Eager...Anti-Intellectualism" of McCain & Palin

Times reporter to libertarian intellectual Charles Murray: "Why is the McCain clan so eager to advertise its anti-intellectualism?"

Ignorant Questions to Gov. Bobby Jindal: Converting to Christianity = Rejecting Family Values?

Deborah Solomon to La. Gov. Bobby Jindal: "If the Republican Party bills itself as the party of family values, what should we make of the fact that you rejected the name your parents gave you, ...

Neo-Liberal Timesman on Obama the "Fiscal Conservative"

David Leonhardt obsesses over income inequality and claims that "Relative to McCain...Obama does indeed look like a fiscal conservative."
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