Losing Your Head at the Supreme Court

If video-game makers have their way, the Constitution will protect the right of grade-school kids to graphically rip off the heads of people on Sony's PlayStation 3.

CBS 'Early Show' Claims 'New Scrutiny' for Virginia Thomas Over Conservative Activism

In the wake of Virginia Thomas requesting an apology from Anita Hill, on Thursday's CBS Early Show, fill-in co-host Chris Wragge used the story to raise questions about Thomas's political ...

The NYT Co. Files Friend of the Court Brief in Favor of 'God Hates Fags' Church

The Times supports the First Amendment rights of the despicable "God Hates Fags" funeral picketers, led by Fred Phelps, but other kinds of free speech like campaign advertising by corporations are ...

CNN's Toobin Sees 'Conservative Judicial Activism' on Supreme Court, 'Very, Very Conservative' Justice Roberts

Appearing as a guest on Monday's Charlie Rose show on PBS, CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin seemed to misunderstand conservative complaints about judicial activism as he seemed to suggest that ...

Times Watch's New Supreme Court Study Discussed on Fox News

Fox News contributor Liz Trotta summarizes Times Watch findings on Saturday: "What they did, is they looked at seven Supreme Court nominees from 1991 to 2010, that's four Democrats and three ...

Special Report: Supremely Slanted - How the Times Pounds Conservatives and Coddles Liberals on the Supreme Court

A Times Watch special report demonstrates how, for almost 20 years, the New York Times has covered Supreme Court fights with a heavy finger on the scales of justice, tipping the balance. The Times ...

Corporate Campaign Ads: Worse Than Animal Cruelty

The Times has defended the free speech in violent video games and animal cruelty videos, but draws the line at (gasp) campaign ads paid for by corporations.

Big Front-Page Play for Analysis of Chief Justice Roberts' 'Sharp Jolt to the Right'

Supreme Court reporter Adam Liptak uncovered "a sharp jolt to the right" under Chief Justice John Roberts, and the Times put his 3,000-word story on the Sunday front page.

Times Watch Quotes of Note - Venezuela Dictator Hugo Chavez a 'Good-Hearted Man of the People'

Plus: Democrats and double standards: Robert Byrd vs. Jesse Helms, plus the brilliant, funny, warm, and witty Elena Kagan.
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