'Impressive!' Couric Coos After Obama Sinks a Jump Shot, Smith Frets Over 'Enmity' from Talk Radio

Looks like - hardly a surprise - CBS's Early Show on Friday morning will deliver a jovial and empathetic session with President Barack Obama. Thursday's CBS Evening News previewed Harry Smith's ...

Sanchez Hints GOP, 'Crazy Talk Show Hosts' to Blame For Violent Threats

CNN's Rick Sanchez repeatedly insinuated on his Rick's List program on Wednesday that Republican leaders and "crazy talk show hosts that are so right wing" were to blame for ten congressman ...

Kerry Blames Talk Radio for Lagging Global Warming Concerns Spurred by ClimateGate

Mass. senator tells Boston Globe science 'has been maligned and misinterpreted.'

Times 'Ethicist' Tackles 'Radio Blowhards' and 'Tea Party Crackpots'

Times "Ethicist" columnist Randy Cohen attacks conservatives: "...even in an era when radio blowhards fulminate and Tea Party crackpots threaten violence against their political foes, it is ...

CNN Psychoanalyzes Talk Radio Listeners, Cites Left-Wing Study on Format

CNN's Carol Costello on American Morning brought on a psychiatrist to find out why conservatives dominate talk radio (they like bullies) and asserted that the industry "Talkers magazine" claimed ...

Looking for a Health Care Scapegoat: Networks Try to Marginalize Talk Radio

Media blame ObamaCare struggles on conservative stations, reminiscent of 2007 immigration reform failure.

NY Times Critic: 'Certain Radio and Television Hosts' Fueling 'Terrorism?'

Times critic Deborah Solomon quizzes DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano: "But do you think certain radio and television hosts are feeding intolerance and even terrorism?"

Vermont Senator Rips Fox News, Demands Progressive TV Network

Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders tells MSNBC 'progressive' media structure lacking, blames struggles of 'civil rights issue' ObamaCare on 'right-wing talk radio.'

MSNBC: Talk Radio and Tea Party Protests 'Push Boundaries of Decency'

On Friday, MSNBC anchor Tamron Hall exclaimed: "Harsh political discourse against [President Obama] really amped up and people started to push the boundaries of what might be considered decency. ...

National Public Unfairness

There's a huge hole in all of the public discussion about the reimposition of a "Fairness Doctrine" or a return to "localism" on the talk-radio format: What about National Public Radio?
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