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Media Applaud Target’s Removal of Gender 'Stigmas' on Toy Labels

 The retail store is right on target to fight gender stereotypes – according to the media, that is.
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Target Selling ‘Fifty Shades’ Sex Toys

Family-friendly store carrying ‘Fifty Shades’ merchandise, including sex toys.
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Target Promotes Hip-Hop ‘Rape Song’

Store ‘can’t wait’ for Robin Thicke’s raunchy, misogynistic album.  
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Kochs Open Up to Forbes: ‘We Get Death Threats ...’

Forbes magazine reveals side of the Kochs most media ignore including business philosophy, being targets of left, and philanthropy.

Truth to Power: Al Roker Asks Michelle Obama if She Buys Toilet Paper in Bulk at Costco

In an interview with First Lady Michelle Obama that aired on Wednesday's NBC Today, weatherman Al Roker gushed over recent shopping trip to Target and wondered: " you sometimes miss the ...

NBC's Today Swoons Over Michelle Obama Shopping at Target

Friday's NBC Today devoted an entire segment to photos of First Lady Michelle Obama stopping by a Target store in Alexandria, Virginia, as Capitol Hill correspondent Kelly O'Donnell ' on location ... Uses Hot-Button Issue to Gin Up Base Against Target

Liberal organization urges gay marriage proponents to boycott Target, motivate liberal voters to participate in Minnesota election.

NBC Promotes Green Agenda in G-8 Summit Report

'Nightly News' blasts U.S. government for inaction on climate change and promotes expensive Japanese efforts.

ElectionWatch: Newsweek Devotes 18 Pages to Fawning over 'Green,' Including Candidates' Credentials

Newsweek praises Obama's 'thrilling' speechmaking, looks for the 'greenest candidate' for president and spews tons of global warming alarmism.
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