ABC: Obama 'Unaware of Tea Parties'

White House out of touch with 'cultural phenomenon' of tax day protests.

Note to Media: Just do your damn jobs and cover tea parties

Major news outlets need to be consistent and cover the national movement.

NBCs Chuck Todd Dismissive of Tea Party Protests

Washington correspondent tells 'Today' 'the idea hasn't really caught on.'

Paul Krugman Behooves Himself

The economist turned left-wing talking points spouter goes after the tea party protests by comparing Rush Limbaugh to Stalin and saying Republicans are like the mentally ill.

This April 15, let's tea party like it's 1773

Americans grab the tea after taxes too hard to swallow

No "Tea Party" Coverage, But Tiny Leftist "Bus Tour" of AIG Homes Gets Ink

The media outnumbered the protestors in a 'bus tour' protest of the homes of AIG employees in affluent Fairfield, Conn. - yet the Times completely ignored a larger protest against Obama's big ...
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