CBS Discredits Steele and DeMint on ObamaCare as 'Harsh' and 'Incendiary,' Couric Hails Kennedy

For the second weekday in a row, Katie Couric teased the CBS Evening News by delivering President Obama's aggressive retorts to critics of his health plan as Chip Reid pitched in to help, ...

Nets Skip Chappaquiddick's 40th; NPR Gets 'Ugly' Mail for Even Blogging About It

ABC, CBS and NBC breathed not a word about Saturday's 40th anniversary of Chappaquiddick, but it wasn't a complete blackout. With Ted Kennedy on the cover of the July 27 Newsweek to push for ...

Nets Plug Kennedy's 'Dramatic' and 'Emotional Pitch for Health Care Reform'

Newsweek engaged itself deeper in the battle for nationalized health by turning over its cover story - "We're Almost There" - to Senator Ted Kennedy for his recitation of "the cause of my life." ...

40 Years Since Chappaquiddick; Ted Kennedy 'Would Have Brought Comfort' to Mary Jo Kopechne 'In Her Old Age'

Saturday marked the 40th anniversary of the death of Mary Jo Kopechne, killed July 18, 1969 after leaving a party with Senator Edward Kennedy. Over the course of the past four decades, the media ...

Times Lauds "Hero" Kennedy, Downplays Michelle Obama's "Proud" Gaffe

The Times opens up the Democratic Convention and sees optimism for the party.

Defending Ted Kennedy's Big Spending: "Well, That Is What the Government Is For"

Carl Hulse's tribute to Ted Kennedy: "And few are willing to take the risks that Mr. Kennedy has in attacking the big topics of the day, hammering away at the injustices he sees, leaving him ...

CBS Uses Kennedy Diagnosis to Critique Government Cancer Funding

'Evening News' criticizes federal government for reserach funds 'drying up;' praises British government for higher funding.

Notable Quotables - 02/11/2008

Double Standards on Osama-Obama Gaffes: Romney vs. Kennedy

Mitt Romney mixed up Barack Obama and Osama bin Laden, and the Times has fun. But what happened when Ted Kennedy did the same thing?

The Kennedys and Their Magical Common-Man Friends

Never worked for a living? "You haven't missed a thing." Wild coincidence, or self-serving Kennedy family folklore?
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