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Exploiting the 'Sex Box'

The "We TV" channel plans a new show in 2015 called "Sex Box." It's another attempt to "help" Americans with their reluctance to talk about sex.
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Hookers, Sex Slaves...and Laughs?

The sexual exploitation of teenagers isn't just encouraged on TV. It's promoted as hilarious.
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NYTimes Ponders 'Moral Vacuity' of Rich Elite While Running Stories on $300,000 Cars and Luxury Dog Houses

Hypocrisy alert: Times writer Ginia Bellafante laments the lack of a pop culture backlash to the "moral vacuity" of "the moneyed class," while her paper panders to that same moneyed class with ...

Oops: Alessandra Stanley Imagines a Farewell 'Highlight Reel' for Ann Curry

The Times' error-prone TV-beat reporter Alessandra Stanley, apparently relying on an online clip of Ann Curry's last appearance as Today show host, devoted a paragraph to a "highlight reel" that ...
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New York Times on Gay TV: Winning Liberal 'Saints,' Vanishing Conservative 'Bigots'

The New York Times played make-believe on the front page Wednesday. Media reporter Brian Stelter described a transgender plot on "Glee," marrying lesbian doctors on "Grey's Anatomy," and two men ...

Commentary: Exposing the Hollywood 'Clique'

Tinseltown Executives Admit Liberal Bias

Another Liberal Lob from Times TV Critic Mike Hale, This Time on Gun Control

Mike Hale says HBO documentary "Gun Fight" is "an implicit warning about the dangers of unregulated gun ownership and the power and increasingly apocalyptic tone of Second Amendment ...

'Glee': Sex, Songs and Sleaze

The hit show is not a 'sweet' musical but rather a raunchy showcase of lewd behavior.

TV Review Slams Glenn Beck Supporters as Racist

Ginia Bellafante lets loose again with uninformed liberal opinion in a TV review: "'We are separatists, not supremacists,' the sedately spoken businessman says. 'We are God-fearing patriots. And ...

USA Today Celebrates TV's 'Open Arms' for Gay Characters

Paper published nearly 2,000 words on gay roles and actors 'capturing the imaginations of Americans,' manages only 132 for detractors.
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