Media Gobble Up Study Saying Ads for Fatty Foods Cause Obesity

Time magazine marvels at advertisers' 'great influence over our behavior,' don't acknowledge individual decisions.

Will Mike Hale's Review of 'My Lai' Documentary Compare It to Iraq, Afghanistan? Of Course

Mike Hale goes there: "The slaughter of hundreds of unarmed villagers in Quang Ngai Province, Vietnam, in March 1968 - an event that came to be known as the My Lai massacre - is both an open wound ...

'South Park,' Muhammad, and Double Standards

The creators of the Comedy Central cartoon South Park had their lives threatened by a Muslim group for insulting the prophet Muhammad, but two Times headlines said they were merely being warned." ...

The Times Finds a Politically Slanted Television Show: '24'

Brian Stelter on the cancellation of the Fox action-drama "24," after eight seasons: "The series enlivened the country's political discourse in a way few others have, partly because it brought to ...

A Year of Anti-Religious Bigotry

It's quite shocking to see a high-profile American faith take so much abuse from Hollywood and New York and other bohemian centers of America.

TV and the Soft Eshoo Bill

What gives Congress the right to interfere with the volume of TV commercials when they inherently flee from the proposition that they have an obligation to enforce existing broadcast decency laws?

TV's Increasing Female Body Count

A new study shows CBS, NBC, and Fox (but not ABC) all green-lighted a significant increase in the incidents and degree of violence against women.

Moon Landing Conspiracy "Not Entirely Unconvincing"

Does the Times have a weakness for left-wing conspiracy theories? Mike Hale is unable to totally dismiss a TruTV documentary, "Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon?"

"Jon & Kate Plus 8" Critic Hits Out at Bristol Palin

Ginia Bellafante: "For some Christians, the Gosselins have become the new Bristol Palin, exposing hypocrisy between belief and practice."

Presenting, for Your Confusion...Alessandra Stanley

Stanley writes, and the world goes "Huh?"
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