The Media Depression that Wasn't (Even Close)

How the networks conjured 'Hoovervilles' and breadlines to sell Obama's spending.

ABC's Terry Moran Hyperventilates: The Ghost of Ted Kennedy Appeared in Congress

ABC's Terry Moran on Wednesday hyperbolically spun Barack Obama's congressional speech as a "bold call to action" and theatrically visualized, "There was another ghost in the chamber tonight, the ...

Terry Moran's Big Scoop: Obama 'Prays All the Time'

Wrapping up a preview of his day with President Obama for Thursday's Nightline, ABC's Terry Moran informed World News anchor Charles Gibson: "I also took the opportunity at this juncture to ask ...

Our "Visionary Leader" Demoted to Mere President

Vol. 22; No. 5

Obama Tries to Flush Rush

Obama's bizarre version of Willie Horton is Rush Limbaugh?

FaithShatters: ABC Takes an Ill-Informed Whack at Creationists

During Holy Week, the Nightline series FaithMatters ridicules Biblical literalists.
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