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NYT Buries Hillary's Benghazi Testimony on A11, But at Least Shows (a Little) Skepticism

Reporter Michael Gordon shows polite skepticism toward Secretary of State Clinton's testimony on Benghazi: "The continuing controversy over the attack, which resulted in the deaths of Ambassador ...

The Great Newspaper Bailout

Liberals, politicians, journalists want Uncle Sam to save news with your tax dollars

Bernanke Says No Recession; U.S. Economy Will Show 'Resilience' in Long Term

Fed Chairman tells House Budget Committee a stimulus package could be needed to help the economy in the short-term; food and energy prices should 'decelerate.'

We Can't Afford to Follow Al Gore

Call for massive legislation ignores reality of global energy consumption and plight of the world's poor.

John Kerry's Soldier-Smearing

Sheila Heslin vs. White House Pressure

"Most Dramatic Testimony So Far" Ignored by ABC, CBS Last Night; Another TV Blackout This Morning
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