NYT Ignores Leftist Piven's Violent Rhetoric, Blames Beck's Criticism

Media reporter Brian Stelter "inverts the story" to make Glenn Beck a villain and a leftist advocate of violence a hero, claims the Wall Street Journal's James Taranto. "In the paper's telling, ...

NYT Celebrates Hypothetical Success of Far-Left Nation Mag, Lamented National Review 'Nastiness' After 2008 Election

Jeremy Peters celebrates success at the far-left Nation that has yet to occur: "Despite all the gloom, could last week's Democratic pummeling actually have a silver lining for The Nation, once ...

ABC Promotes Nation Attack on 'American Hypocrite' Lou Dobbs, Skips ID of Lefty Magazine

Good Morning America on Friday promoted an attack piece by the liberal magazine The Nation against Lou Dobbs. In the two segments devoted to whether or not the populist host hired illegal ...

MSNBC Contributor Equates State Lawsuits Against ObamaCare to Causes of the Civil War

Princeton professor Melissa Harris-Lacewell suggests the Civil War settled federal government's right to dictate health insurance policy was settled by .

Obama's Media Strategy: 'Pick the Target, Freeze It, Personalize It and Polarize It'

New administration embraces direct response approach to addressing critics in the press, ginning up friendly media and net roots.

The Nation Describes 'Rich Old White Men' as the 'Problem'

Liberal magazine cites New York Times-CBS News poll that labels annual income of $50,000 'rich' and over 45 'old.'

The Times' Travel Section Cruises With Far-Left Nation Magazine

Henry Alford gushed that "the diversity and intellectual accomplishments of the 460 were fairly staggering." Plus: disagraced anti-Bush CBS news producer Mary Mapes cracks jokes while killjoy ...

Celebrating a Left-Wing Writer's "Crackling Expose"

"Jeremy Scahill's muckraking book 'Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army,'...[is] a crackling expose of the secretive military contractor Blackwater USA, which Scahill ...
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