Behar: Prayer 'Takes the Place of Thinking'

'The View' co-host says prayer replaces logic, calls it 'dangerous'

Behar Claims Liberals More Intelligent and Open-Minded Than Conservatives

The latest edition of CBS's "Sunday Morning" featured a glowing profile of "The View" co-host Joy Behar in which the stand-up comic implied that conservatives are not intelligent and insisted that ...

Joy Behar: Tim Tebow Just As Easily Could Have Been 'Rapist Pedophile'

Discounting the pro-life argument of a planned Focus on the Family Super Bowl ad featuring Tim Tebow's mother, Joy Behar told the audience of the January 26 "View" that the Florida Gators ...

ABC's Charles Gibson Swears: 'I Carry No Water for Obama,' Highlights 'Amazing Moment' of 2008 Victory

World News anchor Charles Gibson appeared on Monday's edition of The View to tout his own objectivity and to swear, "I'm very fond of John McCain. I carry no water for Obama." Speaking of the 2008 ...

'Glambert's' Record Sales Indicate Not All Publicity is Good Publicity

American Idol runner-up sees a 74 percent drop in album sales.

Surprising: 'View' Not Amused by Perez Hilton

Trashy gossip blogger defends his mistreatment of Demi Moore's 15-year-old daughter.

Rod Stewart Defends Lambert's Sordid Sex Act: There's Nothing Wrong with That

Singer says simulated oral sex is rock n' roll.

Joy Behar: Profits the 'Real Immorality' of Abortion

View host Barbara Walters defends Planned Parenthood, allows little dissent in panel discussion about abortion.

Media Embrace Millionaire Moore's Vendetta against Capitalism

Like 'Sicko,' journalists gush over 'provocative' anti-Wall Street flick, leave out filmmaker's critics.

Behar: Dolls 'Programming' Tool for Young Girls

Of all the arguments against a breastfeeding doll, the 'View' panelist goes for feminism.
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