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Blame Game: Media Ignore Acting Surgeon General to Blame NRA, Conservatives for Ebola

Conservative senators faulted for blocking Obama’s anti-gun activist nominee for nation’s doctor. 
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Media Hype! “Internet’s First Abortion Class”

 The Daily Beast, Think Progress, Medical Daily celebrate abortion.
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Lib Fems: Abortion ‘A Perfect Topic’ for Sit-Coms

When feminists attack: Mindy Kaling calls discussing abortion ‘in half-hour sitcom’ ‘demeaning.’
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Obama Recruits President of Soros-Funded Group

John Podesta, founder of left-wing Center for American Progress, to be presidential counsel.
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A Flagrant Feminist Failure

Feminism as a political cause is on such wobbly knees that it must rely on charges of rampant sexism that have no basis in reality. The current Exhibit A is “Think Progress” blogger Alyssa ...
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Left Defends Accused Child Molester Because She’s Lesbian

When your 18-year-old daughter is expelled and charged with sexual battery of a child, one option is to go public and declare she’s a martyr under fire from anti-gay bias.
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