Gulf Oil Spill: Obama's 9-11, Says Tom Friedman

Tax-hiking columnist Thomas Friedman took issue with conservatives who claim the massive BP oil spill is Obama's Katrina. According to Friedman, it's actually Obama's 9-11.

Columnist Tom Friedman Displays His Power Lust Again on PBS

Thomas Friedman knows best: "I think we're entering an era - how long it will last I dare not predict - where being in politics is going to be more than anything else about taking things away from ...

ABC Touts Columnist Tom Friedman Seeing Gulf Oil Spill as 'Opportunity'

GMA's hosts and producers know what to expect when they have columnist Thomas Friedman on: Requests for yet more taxes on the American public.

Delay of Cap and Trade a 'Disaster' and 'Travesty,' Columnist Friedman Despairs, 'Shame on Republicans'

Reacting to news the Obama administration wants to postpone a vote on Cap and Trade in favor of immigration reform, Times columnist Tom Friedman despaired on Sunday's Face the Nation: This is a ...

Friedman Takes on the 'Ignorant Ramblings of Sarah Palin,' Other Conservatives

Thomas Friedman doesn't miss a chance: "Our national debate today is dominated by the ignorant ramblings of Sarah Palin, talk-show lunatics, tea parties and politics as sports..."

Friedman Again Hails Communist China's 'One-Party Autocracy' as Superior to American Democracy

Columnist Thomas Friedman just can't stop praising an authoritarian regime: "I've been saying for awhile Tom, there's only one thing worse than one-party autocracy, the Chinese form of government, ...

Thomas Friedman Sides Against Inhofe, With Dick Cheney?

On CNN, aggressively "green" Friedman denounced Sen. James Inhofe as "flat-out stupid" and insisted he's a "Dick Cheney guy" when it comes to pre-empting the threat of global warming.

NYT AWOL on Latest 'Climate Change' Revelations

Notorious climate scientist Phil Jones confessed that world temperatures could well have been warmer in the past than they are today, and also admitted there has been no statistically significant ...

The NY Times Goes AWOL on Latest 'Climate Change' Revelations

Notorious climate scientist Phil Jones recently confessed there has been no global warming since 1995. The Times has skipped that revelation, instead featuring columnist Thomas Friedman renaming ...

Presenting the Times Watch Quotes of Note 2009 Worst Quotes of the Year

We've compiled the absolutely most biased quotes that appeared in the Times in 2009, and picked the "winners" for the Times Quote of the Year.
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