Thomas Friedman on CNN: ClimateGate an 'Idiot Debate,' 'Nonsense'

Green columnist Thomas Friedman dismissed the ClimateGate scandal during an interview on CNN, labeling it nonsense and an idiot debate.

Thomas Friedman on CNN: ClimateGate an 'Idiot Debate,' 'Nonsense'

Thomas Friedman of the New York Times dismissed the ClimateGate scandal during an interview on Thursday's Situation Room on CNN, labeling it "nonsense" and an "idiot debate." Anchor Wolf Blitzer ...

Defacing Obama's Photo Embarrassment to a College?

Plus Rush the Racist? and Why Won't Israel Talk to Group Committed to Its Annihilation

Communist China's "Tenacity" (?) in Enforcing Environmental Edicts

Michael Wines on the bright side of Communist rule - no pesky "political machinery" to worry about: "In the past decade...authorities have moved against air pollution problems with a tenacity that ...

Columnist Thomas Friedman's Patriotic Flourish

Columnist Thomas Friedman, writing a mock Nobel Prize speech for Obama, urges the president to hail the U.S. military as "the world's most important peacekeepers."

Influential Times Editor Calls Anti-Tax Protesters "Tea-Baggers

Plus: Thomas Friedman Praises Communist China for Getting Things Done

Thomas Friedman's Global Warming Fears Straight Out of Disaster Movie

Too many "The Day After Tomorrow" rentals on Netflix? Columnist Thomas Friedman warns: "We never know when the next emitted carbon molecule will tip over some ecosystem and trigger a nonlinear ...

MSNBC's Norah O'Donnell Still In Favor of Obama Indoctrination

A week after aggressively defending school children in New Jersey literally singing Barack Obama's praises, on MSNBC on Friday, anchor Norah O'Donnell once again expressed her support of the song ...

CNN Endorses Thomas Friedman's Scaremongering About Conservatives

CNN's Jack Cafferty and Wolf Blitzer endorsed Thomas Friedman's "scary and sobering column" in the New York Times where the liberal writer compared the American political climate to Israel in 1995 ...

NYT Friedman's Hypocrisy on 'Far Right' Dangerously Delegitimizing Obama

Making a truly odious comparison, New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman claimed parallels between the behavior of anti-Obama protestors (who have been quite peaceful) to that of "extreme ...
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