Bizarre: Columnist Vecsey Fears NBA Players Could Be Victims of AZ's Illegal Immigrant Law

Paranoid sports columnist George Vecsey suggests that Major League Baseball players boycott Arizona: "Speaking as somebody with relatives of various hues and backgrounds, I wouldn't want them ...

Here We Go Again: Columnist Vecsey Excoriates Racist, Sexist Augusta National Golf Club

Seven years after the paper's ill-fated crusade against Augusta National Golf Club's refusal to admit women, sports columnist George Vecsey columnist again rebukes the site of The Masters ...

Gasparino: 'It is My Job to Turn This Into a Barroom Brawl' with CNBC

Fox Business Network senior correspondent says he always wanted to work for Fox, but says he left CNBC amicably.

Bias by the Numbers: Networks Give 30 Minutes to Tiger; Nothing for Right's Mt. Vernon Statement

Omission reveals media priorities that ignore conservatives, hype sex and deliver tabloid TV over news.

Ted Turner Advises CNN Not to Follow Fox News Opinion Model

U.N. Foundation chairman and CNN founder tells CNBC he would like to see less 'Tiger,' more of 'what's going on.'

Secular Left Cries Foul on Religion in Sports

From Brit Hume and Tiger Woods to Tim Tebow and scripture, liberals don't get sports and Christianity. But they sure are offended by it.

MSNBC's Shuster: Brit Hume 'Denigrated' Christianity with Tiger Woods Comment

During the 3PM ET hour of live coverage on MSNBC, anchor David Shuster claimed that Fox News political analyst Brit Hume "denigrated Christianity" when suggesting that scandal-ridden golfer Tiger ...

Frank Rich, Latest NYT Columnist to Suggest Enron (and Tiger Woods!) More Significant Than 9-11

Columnist Frank Rich joins his liberal colleague Paul Krugman in a strange need to downgrade the "one-off domestic terrorist attack" of September 11, suggesting that Enron and Tiger Woods (!) may ...

Newsweek Writer: Open Marriages Key to Ending 'Cheating Scandals'

Tiger Woods' scandal prompts advertisement for alternative relationships.

Comedian: Tiger's Adultery is 'a Failure of Character'

NBC's Kathie Lee Gifford bemoans the lack of 'shame' present in the entire situation.
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