CBS Badgers Republicans on the Economy; Went Easier on Obama

CBS hounded four Republicans from the left during a town hall on the economy which aired on Tuesday's Early Show. Bob Schieffer, Erica Hill, and Rebecca Jarvis pressed Reps. Paul Ryan and Allen ...

CBS's Schieffer Trumpets Coburn's 'Candor' on Willingness to Hike Taxes, Rues Others Lack Such 'Courage'

Previewing Tuesday's Early Show town hall meeting with Republicans on the economy, CBS's Bob Schieffer, who pushes his Face the Nation guests to agree taxes must be raised, hailed a Republican, ...

Tale of Two Congressmen: 'Conservative' Tom Coburn, But 'Democrat' Chuck Schumer

Labeling disparity: In a story on Congress marking the shootings in Tucson, the Times notes that two senators will be sitting together at Obama's upcoming State of the Union address: Tom Coburn, a ...

Newsweek's Hirsh: Don't Worry About Pork, This is an 'Emergency'

Columnist opines on how Obama isn't living up to his expectations early on in his presidency.
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