Friedman on Obama's Last Push on Health Care: 'They Don't Get Something'

NY Times columnist claims this will be the last 'slice of pie' given to the American public from the government if ObamaCare passes.

Couric on Obama: 'Better at Making Us Smarter than Making Us Angry,' 83% Back Obama

Following President Barack Obama's State of the Union address, on CBS Katie Couric revealed her reading interests as she endorsed the take on Obama from a liberal New York Times columnist: "Well, ...

Clueless Columnist Friedman Celebrates China's "Concentrated State Power"

Tom Friedman cluelessly celebrates the Chinese Communists "planning" and "national mobilization," which included displacing over a million of its citizens to make way for Olympic pageantry.

Karl Rove, a Cancer on American Politics?

"Everyone says that Karl Rove is a genius. Yeah, right. So are cigarette companies. They get you to buy cigarettes even though we know they cause cancer. That is the kind of genius Karl Rove is."
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