MSNBC's David Shuster Blames Falling GOP ID on 'Town Hall Screamers'

At the top of the 4:00PM ET hour of MSNBC Live, co-anchor David Shuster claimed the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll "numbers appear to back up the concerns of mainstream Republicans worried ...

The Peasants Are Revolting

Elites in politics, journalism discover that people have the power and the world is changing.

ABC Links Health Care Town Hall Protesters to Hate Groups

ABC News correspondent Brian Ross tried to connect the health care town hall protesters to hate groups on Friday's GMA. Ross cited the Southern Poverty Law Center, whose left-wing political ...

Update: Town Hall Protesters Not Just White & Irritable, They're Ignorant Too

David Stout adds a wrinkle to the Times' dismissive coverage of citizens protesting Obama's health-care overhaul.

"Almost Entirely White and Irritable Crowd" of "Angry" Obama-Care Protesters

After years of celebrating liberal protesters, the Times shudders as an "almost entirely white and irritable crowd" of "angry" conservatives hassle Democratic Sen. Arlen Specter about Obama-care.

Times Ignores Dem Face-Slapping, Union Assault, Blames GOP for Town Hall "Hostility"

Taking the liberal side of the town hall debate, the Times ignores an alleged assault and racial epithet against a black man from a union activist, ignores a Democratic face-slapper, while ...

Do Conservative Town Hall Protests Really "Shut Down Public Discourse"?

Sheryl Gay Stolberg: "The traditional town hall meeting, a staple of Congressional constituent relations, had been hijacked, overrun by sophisticated social-networking campaigns - those on the ...

MSNBC Hosts: Town Hall Protests Are Threat to Obama's Life

At the top of the 4:00PM ET hour on MSNBC Friday, fill-in co-anchor Monica Novotny issued a dire warning about protests at health care town hall meetings: "The town hall confrontations are turning ...

Paul Krugman Sees Racism Among Town Hall "Mob" Protesters

Paul Krugman: "...the driving force behind the town hall mobs is probably the same cultural and racial anxiety that's behind the 'birther''s a strategy that has played a central ...

Contessa Brewer: Bible = Prop

MSNBC anchor bashes Bible and conservatives who dare question ObamaCare.
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