Media Research Center Celebrates Androgynous Japanese Ad

Cheers ‘changing way gender is portrayed in advertising.’

Media-Battered Goldman Sachs Polls Lower than Toyota in Favorability

Despite 52 deaths linked to automaker's acceleration problems, Toyota polls seven times higher than investment bank.

The Real Toyota Hearings Transcript

Conflict of interest?

'Squawk Box' Notes Tough Questioning from Michigan Legislators on Toyota

CNBC hosts point out tough grilling of Japanese automaker from Rep. John Dingell, but even MSNBC's Shuster advises caution.

Is GM Owner Federal Government Playing Politics with Toyota Recall?

Media overlook Obama administration Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood.

Tabuchi Scolds Toyota As It 'Holds Back' on Electric Cars

Hiroko Tabuchi devotes a Business Day article to scold Toyota for not becoming green enough fast enough.

Dear Baltimore Sun: Politicians Aren't Business Experts

If you wouldn't entrust your 401(k) to a senator why support political investments in the auto industry?

Michigan Mayor Says No Auto Bailout Will Mean Depression

Virg Bernero says letting Big Three 'fall by the wayside' will 'hurt national security.'

Dear Baltimore Sun: High Debt Reflects Irresponsible Gov't Spending

Making sense of the trade deficit.

USA Today Continues to Hype Hybrids and Ignores the Downsides of Ownership

Hybrids still cost more and can have repair problems, but media coverage stays positive.
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