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Media Applaud Target’s Removal of Gender 'Stigmas' on Toy Labels

 The retail store is right on target to fight gender stereotypes – according to the media, that is.
Becoming Us

'Becoming Us:' 'Carly' as 'Dad'

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All Tarted Up ...

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NY Times: Transgender Kids’ Lit ‘Part of Fabric of Who We Are’

Gray Lady welcomes trans titles for children.
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A Week of ‘Caitlyn’ Swoon: 51 Network Minutes and Gallons of Purple Ink

To media, reality denying is ‘life-affirming.’
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Sally Kohn: ‘I Want My Daughter to Copy the Caitlyn Jenner Model of Femininity’

Parents should encourage kids to ‘Be more like Caitlyn Jenner.’
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