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Top UN Climate Official Resigns After Sexual Harassment Claims, Networks Silent

Rajendra Pachauri leaves IPCC chairmanship after an employee accuses him of ‘unwanted’ communications.
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Media Commit ‘Cultural Imperialism’ in UN Report Pushing Abortion for Teens

Steven Mosher accuses media of taking ‘radical position that age of consent laws should be abolished.’
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People’s Climate March Gets 4.5 Times as Much Network Attention as March for Life

Broadcast networks also ignore radical anti-capitalists, socialist backers and calls for ‘revolution’ at climate march.
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Time Warp: Bloomberg Touts UN Report Calling for U.S. Emission Cuts to 1901 Levels

Report submitted to the UN would require total transformation of American society to meet carbon targets.
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U.N. Committee Calls Catholic Stance on Abortion ‘Torture’; Nets Silent

Broadcast news shows fail to mention UN attack on religious liberty.
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Univision Partners with Liberal UN Foundation on Climate Issues

Hispanic media company leans left with ‘groundbreaking initiative’ to increase awareness.

Morning Joe Pundits: Obama 'Extremely Deft in a Very Tough Situation'

During Monday's Morning Joe, Time's Mark Halperin and co-host Mika Brzezinski helpfully provided some spin for the White House to borrow as President Obama finishes his prepared remarks for Monday ...

Nets Concerned Over Congress' Role In Run-Up to Iraq, Now Barely Notice Obama's End-Run

The Obama administration attacked Libya after a vote of the UN Security Council, but without any congressional authorization, and apparently not even very much consultation with congressional ...

UN Wants to Grab That Burger Right Out of Your Hands

World body, media have beef with Americans because meat is mean to Mother Nature.

Time Writer Lobbies 'International Leaders' to be Proactive Fighting Climate Change

Magazine's global warming advocate accuses Bush of 'foot dragging on climate change,' overlooks costs of worldwide regulation.
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