Obama Administration Found in Contempt of Court, Media Silent

On Thursday, Louisiana Federal District Court Judge Martin Feldman found that the Obama Interior Department was in contempt of his ruling that the offshore oil drilling moratorium, imposed by the ...

Kevin Sack on the 'Tea Party' Ruling on Obama-Care

The Times health reporter characterizes Judge Roger Vinson's ruling Obama-care as unconstitutional in ideological terms, but fails to label opponents of the ruling as liberal.

Times Online Underwhelmed By Ruling Obama-Care Is Unconstitutional

An online headline underplayed the danger a Florida judge's ruling poses to Obama-care: "Ruling Against Health Care Law Evens Scorecard at 2-2."

Networks See Unconstitutional Ruling as 'Setback,' Not 'Victory for Liberty'

Evening and morning shows see 'roadblock' for White House, not freedom for citizens, in federal judge's decision insurance mandate is unconstitutional.
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