Under Painting of Lincoln Peering Down at Obama, USA Today Explores Obama's Underappreciated 'Historic' Greatness

"Will doing 'big things' wind up costing Obama?" a Wednesday USA Today front page article worried, accompanied by a photo of contemplative President Barack Obama with Abraham Lincoln in a painting ...

USA Today Says Taxes are Low, Downplays Temporary Nature of Tax Cuts, Credits

Newspaper's analysis finds lowest level of taxes 'since 1950,' uses it to undermine Tea Party complaints.

USA Today's Biskupic Sees SCOTUS of 'Ideological...Conservatives' and 'Pragmatic Liberals'

In a Monday article, USA Today's Joan Biskupic identified retiring Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens as "liberal," but in an accompanying sidebar on "second court picks by recent ...

Thomas and Beckel Bring 'Common Ground' to Undermining Demonization of Fox News

In the Thursday edition of their every other week "Common Ground" discussion for USA Today, Cal Thomas and Bob Beckel took up the liberal charge the Fox News Channel is out of bounds. Neither ...

One More: USA Today Joins in Misreporting Gardasil Misreporting

Liz Szabo worries about low income girls not receiving Gardasil; falsely labels it a 'cervical cancer vaccine.'

USA Today Lends Helping Hand to Battered "ClimateGate" Scientist

Four months after "ClimateGate" exposed top climate scientists trying to manipulate data and suppress dissent, USA Today has brought forth a front-page feature article that seems aimed at ...

USA Today Reports on Porn Industry's Financial Woes

Jon Swartz highlights the problems that are causing the porn industry of suffer financially, but fails to detail the problems with the porn industry.

USA Today Still Stomping on Tebow Superbowl Ad

Paper questions Pam Tebow's 'choice' to ignore doctors.

Dear USA Today: Current Crisis Not Worse than Great Depression

U.S. economic woes are not the result of globalization and free trade.
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